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Moxa | Industrial Network Infrastructure

Moxa’s extensive range of products and services includes Moxa switches, industrial-grade Moxa wireless solutions, secure remote connectivity, edge computing devices, and network management tools—all designed for reliability and security in demanding industrial settings. As your trusted partner, IP Trading offers you access to these top-tier products along with comprehensive technical support. Contact us for a quote or more information on Moxa solutions.

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Industrial-grade Reliability with Moxa Ethernet Switches

These switches are tailored for industrial environments, featuring strengthened security, network redundancy, and effortless management. Whether you need unmanaged or managed switches, PoE switches, rackmount switches, or rail industry-specific switches complying with parts of the EN 50155 standard, IP Trading provides a comprehensive selection to meet your needs.

Moxa Routers Can Help Secure Your Critical Assets

Delivering gigabit performance and defence-in-depth security, these routers are ideal for protecting essential operations and enabling secure remote access. Moxa offers IEC 61375-2-5 ethernet routers that can efficiently handle traffic for Ethernet Train Backbones (ETB) and Ethernet Consist Networks, making them the optimal choice for the rail transport industry.

Moxa Wireless Products Built to Withstand the Harshest of Environments

An essential part of any industrial wireless network, Moxa's wireless AP/bridge/client products overcome the challenges of harsh, demanding environments. With high electromagnetic immunity, galvanic isolation, and resilience to extreme temperatures and vibrations, these devices ensure consistent and reliable operation.

Moxa Industrial-grade Computing

Moxa industrial-grade computing solutions offer robust, fanless designs with wide temperature ranges and high shock resistance. Ideal for automation, energy, and transportation, they ensure reliable, secure operation in harsh environments.

Moxa Gateways and Routers for High Bandwidth Applications

If you need comprehensive WWAN communication solutions, then Moxa cellular gateways and routers are your answer. These solutions connect serial and Ethernet devices over cellular networks, with expanded capabilities in 4G LTE for live video streaming and high bandwidth applications.

Stable and Reliable Data Conversion with Moxa Media Converters

Ensure stable and reliable data conversion with Moxa ethernet media converters. Designed for extreme industrial settings, these products facilitate the conversion of ethernet data to fibre optic signals, maintaining stability and reliability in challenging environments.