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Sophos | Cybersecurity as a Service Delivered

Cybersecurity is an integral part of any modern business. The integrity of your cybersecurity measures not only ensures the smooth running of your business but also protects your reputation with your customers and suppliers. IP Trading is an authorised partner of Sophos, one of the world’s foremost cybersecurity as a service provider. We provide you access to the Sophos inventory of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, as well as expert technical advice. Contact us today for a custom quote or in-depth guidance on Sophos products.

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Empower Your Network with Sophos XGS Series

The Sophos XGS series offers unparalleled performance, catering to today's diverse, distributed, and encrypted networks. These products deliver top-tier security, ensuring your network is safeguarded against evolving cyber threats and complexities.

Sophos XG Series for Ultimate Firewall Performance

Experience the future of next-generation firewalls with the Sophos XG series. This series provides comprehensive enterprise firewall performance, integrating advanced protection, user controls and app controls. Sophos Firewall OS ensures your network stays secure and compliant with evolving digital landscapes.

Meet Evolving Security Demands with Sophos SG Series

The Sophos SG series appliances are engineered for optimal performance, versatility, and efficiency. Designed to handle increasing bandwidth requirements, these products offer versatile security solutions, meeting all your needs in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

Stay Connected and Protected with Sophos SD-WAN and Wi-Fi

Sophos SD-WAN and Wi-Fi solutions offer the perfect blend of reliable connectivity and tough security. Ideal for handling varied digital tasks, from emailing to managing significant projects, these solutions ensure you remain securely connected to what’s important.