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    Authorised Aruba Networks Partner Australia

    Aruba Networks | Outdoor & Ruggedised Wireless Access Points

    Discover Aruba Networks' selection of outdoor and ruggedised wireless access points designed for various environments. As your authorised partner, we're dedicated to aiding you in finding the right products. Our team is ready to provide expert guidance and connect you with technical specialists. We have seamless access to the entire channel inventory available in Australia. For your wireless networking needs, request a quote or reach out to us today.

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    Aruba Outdoor & Ruggedised Access Points

    Aruba Outdoor & Ruggedized Access Points excel with robust weatherproof designs, Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, and integrated IoT support. Industry-firsts like advanced spectrum analysis and smart mesh technology ensure reliable outdoor connectivity and scalability, even in challenging environments. Contact us for exclusive access to technical specialists and all the inventory available in Australia or to request a quote.

    More data than ever is generated at the Edge. While this creates new
    opportunities for your business, it also creates new challenges for IT.