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Free Removal & Recycling
of your old UPS with
APC's Trade-UPS Programme

*Terms & Conditions apply

Protect your uptime, and the planet

Each year, Australians generate more than 140,000 tonnes of E-waste which can cause serious environmental problems due to toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury and arsenic that pollute our soil and water and disrupt our ecosystems and our health.*

As one of the world’s most sustainable companies, APC want to help you reduce e-waste by recycling your old UPS units – free of charge.

When you upgrade from a lead acid battery UPS to an APC Lithium-ion battery model you’ll minimise maintenance, reduce onsite visits and lower your operating costs.


Contact IP Trading to Access APC's Trade-UPS Programme

Recycle your old unit free of charge.

Looking for a sustainable way to recycle your old UPS units without breaking the bank. Finally we have the solution. APC by Schneider Electric will allow you to trade in ANY old UPS units and will arrange for pick up and cover transport. Your old units will then be sustainably recycled free of charge!*

Thousands of small steps together, make a big difference! Together we can all be part of the solution.

* Terms and conditions apply

Benefits of our Trade-UPS Programme

You will receive a certificate of recycling once we have recycled your UPS in a sustainable manner.
  • Increase Capacity
    Upgrade your power capacity up to 4x the original unit or trade in more UPSs for larger units
  • Modernization
    Improve the efficiency and reliability through modernization
  • Free Removal
    Free removal and / or shipping of existing units
  • Sustainability
    Ecological disposal of returned UPSs and batteries, and receive a certificate of recycling

Eligibility for Trade-UPS

  • Contact IP Trading to check if your new UPS & pickup, location qualify for this program.
  • When you purchase an eligible UPS you will also need to purchase either a one year service warranty or installation services or preventive maintenance or an advantage service plan.
Trading in a single UPS
  • You may trade in an any old UPS for a new one up to 4x the VA rating of the old one.
  • For example, trading in a 750 VA UPS will allow a purchase of between 750 VA to 3kVA.
Trading in multiple UPSs
  • You may trade in multiple UPSs for other APC UPSs. The VA SUM of the new one/s cannot be smaller than, or larger than 2x the sum of the VA rating of the old units.Anything outside this range will not be eligible.
  • For example, trading in a 1 kVA UPS and a 3 kVA UPS together will allow a rebate on purchases between 4 kVA to 8 kVA SUM. Anything outside this range will not be eligible.

Ready to get started?

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