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Authorised Poly Partner Australia

Poly | Video Conferencing, Conference Phones and Headsets

If you need communication solutions, then browse Poly's range of innovative video conferencing solutions, conference phones, and headsets. As an authorised partner, IP Trading offers access to Poly’s full range of high-quality products and technical expertise. Whether you're in need of advanced solutions or support, our dedicated team is ready to assist. Contact us today for tailored guidance and quotes on your Poly product requirements.

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Poly Bluetooth Headsets: Your Mobile Audio Companion

Whether you’re working from home, the office, or both, Poly Bluetooth headsets offer optimal mobility and comfort. The Voyager series, known for its pro-grade sound and durability, features noise-cancelling technology to ensure your calls remain crystal clear amidst any background noise.

Supercharge Your Conversations with Poly Wireless Headsets

Experience the freedom of movement without compromising on call quality with Poly DECT wireless headsets. These headsets provide a secure connection and extended range, perfect for ensuring critical conversations are heard loud and clear.

Poly USB Headsets for Effortless Connectivity

Experience the ease of plug-and-play with Poly USB headsets. Just connect them to your device and you’re set for high-quality audio communication. Ideal for rapid deployment in any work environment.

Crystal-Clear Audio for Professionals with Poly Call Centre Headsets

Empower your call centre teams with purpose-built Poly headsets. Designed for pro-grade performance, these call centre headsets offer the versatility to work with any service, anywhere, ensuring your call centre representatives are equipped with the tools they need to deliver exceptional service.

Inclusive Meetings with Poly Conference Phones

Bring everyone together with Poly conference phones. In today’s world, people in the same meeting aren’t always in the same room—but they’ll feel like they are with the crystal clear audio clarity offered by Poly conference phones.

Enhanced Audio Quality with Poly USB and Bluetooth Speakerphones

Transform your communication experience with Poly USB/Bluetooth speakerphones. These devices are designed for professional-grade audio performance, ensuring every word is heard with pristine clarity. The exceptional sound quality of Poly speakerphones not only improves meeting productivity but also ensures effective communication in every interaction.

Poly Desk Phones: The Epitome of Design and Function

Poly desk phones combine functionality with style. Easy to set up and compatible with nearly any platform, these phones don’t just sound great; they also add a touch of style to your workspace.

Command the Conversation with Poly Video Solutions

Elevate your video conferencing experience with Poly video solutions. These systems deliver exceptional video and audio quality, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to contribute effectively, no matter the chosen service.

Poly Personal Solutions and Webcams Are Your Window to the Digital World

For individual users, Poly's personal solutions and webcams provide high-quality video and audio, perfect for ensuring clear and effective communication in any setting. Be seen and heard clearly with Poly’s range of personal communication solutions.