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    Authorised Poly Partner Australia

    Poly | Video Conferencing, Conference Phones & Headsets

    Discover Poly's comprehensive range of video conferencing solutions, conference phones, and headsets. As an Authorised Partner, we offer you access to technical specialists and the entire channel inventory in Australia. Whether you're seeking solutions or support, our dedicated team is here to help. Request a quote today or get in touch for expert guidance on your product requirements.

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    Poly Bluetooth Headsets

    Working from home? Back in the office? Both? Get a headset that moves with you. Poly’s Voyager headsets are ultra-comfortable, durable, and offer pro-grade sound. And because it can get noisy wherever you work — kitchen appliances, kids, noisy co-workers, ringing phones — these noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets guarantee your calls are clear and undisturbed.

    Poly Dect Wireless Headsets

    We can’t make you superhuman, but we can give you superpowers. Poly DECT headsets give you the security and extended range for your most critical conversations.

    Poly USB Headsets

    So simple. Just plug them in and you are ready to roll. Boom!

    Poly Call Center Headsets

    Your team has enough stress. They shouldn’t be worried about audio quality. Poly headsets offer the freedom to work anywhere, with any service you choose, and our solutions are pro-grade. Your CSRs will be call center heroes.

    Poly Conference Phones

    Bring people together. Launch big ideas. And make sure everyone at the table can hear and be heard. In today’s world people in the same meeting aren’t always in the same room—but they’ll feel like they are.

    Poly USB/Bluetooth Speakerphones

    Your ideas are awesome. You need the perfect audio to pitch them. Connect a pro-grade speakerphone to your computer or tablet to crush the meeting and close the deal.

    Poly Desk Phones

    It’s a Poly phone, do we need to say more? Easy to set up, easy to use, and compatible with almost any platform. Plus, it’s beautifully designed so in addition to sounding awesome, it looks good on your desk.

    Poly Group Video Solutions

    Last year: command the room. This year command the conversation. Poly room video solutions deliver crazy good video and audio that gives everyone the opportunity to shine. Using whatever service you want. We don’t want to brag or anything but if you try it, you’ll know what we mean.

    Poly Personal Solutions & Webcams