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    Authorised Fortinet Networks Partner Australia

    Fortinet | Network Security Solutions, Switches and Wireless Devices

    Explore Fortinet's extensive catalogue of Security Solutions , Network Switches and Wireless Devices. As an Authorized Partner, we provide exclusive access to technical specialists and all the inventory available in Australia. Our dedicated team is here to help. Contact us for a quote or for more information.

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    Fortinet Network’s Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) for Network Security

    Fortinet's FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls for Campus, Data Centre, and Branch, offer unmatched security features like AI-driven threat detection, SSL inspection, and SD-WAN integration. Their virtual NGFW extends this protection to virtualized environments. Fortinet's industry-first Security Fabric unifies network security, simplifying management and ensuring comprehensive threat protection across the entire network infrastructure. Contact us for more information.

    Fortinet Enterprise Networking

    Fortinet's Ethernet switches offer high-performance networking with advanced security integration. Wireless devices ensure robust connectivity, including Wi-Fi 6E support while Network Access Control devices enhance security. Using FortiCloud’s centralized management and security features the devices integrate seamless, creating a unified security ecosystem with unparalleled visibility and control. Contact us for more information.

    Fortinet’s Security Operations (SecOps)

    SecOps detect, respond to, and mitigates security threats. Crucial component of SecOps are FortiSIEM and FortiDeceptor. The FortiSIEM Security Information and Event Management system collects and analyses security data from devices and applications across the network. It correlates this data to identify security incidents and vulnerabilities in real-time. FortiDeceptor works by deceiving and trapping attackers by mimicking network assets and providing early threat detection.