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Authorised APC Partner Australia

APC | Rack Power Distribution, Transfer Switches & Row 3 Phase Power Distribution

Discover APC's comprehensive range of Rack Power Distribution, Transfer Switches, and Row 3 Phase Power Distribution options. As an Authorised Partner, we offer you access to technical specialists and the entire channel inventory in Australia. Whether you're seeking solutions or support, our dedicated team is here to help. Request a quote today or get in touch for expert guidance on your product requirements.

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APC Rack Power Distribution (PDU)

APC Rack Power Distribution Products provide reliable, manageable, and efficient power distribution at the rack level. The Metered Rack PDU provides real-time remote monitoring, power management of connected loads and advanced warning to protect against unplanned power overloads. Request a quote or contact us to discuss your requirements.

APC Transfer Switches

APC Transfer Switches provide reliable and efficient power switching. The APC NetShelter Rack Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Fifth-Generation series is a range of high availability switches offering greater control of your IT equipment from Cloud to Edge. It is intelligent and cyber-secure for seamless power switching. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

APC Row 3 Phase Power Distribution

APC Row 3 Phase Power Distribution provides scalable and efficient power distribution management for IT equipment in any size data centre or high-density zone. It is agile, safe, and efficient for demanding business-critical applications. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

APC UPS Replacement Battery

Genuine APC replacement battery are tested to ensure runtime information is accurate and 100% compatible with your APC UPS. They units are normally supplied with a 2-year warranty and safety certification. Contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements.