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Authorised Aruba Networks Partner Australia

Aruba Networks | Leading the Way in Networking Innovations

At the forefront of network innovation, Aruba’s cutting-edge solutions extend across advanced data centres to the ever-evolving wireless landscape. As an Authorized Partner of Aruba, IP Trading opens the door to a comprehensive suite of Aruba products for you. Our offerings include Access Switches, Data Centre Switches, Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Access Points, Gateways, Remote Access Points, and the pivotal Aruba Central. We also provide direct access to technical specialists, guaranteeing expert advice and support. Reach out to us today to request a quote or for answers to other queries.

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Aruba Access Switches and Data Centre Solutions

Explore the pinnacle of network management with IP Trading's Aruba Access and Data Centre Switches. Our Aruba Access Switches ensure seamless connectivity and optimal performance, perfect for modern workplaces. Meanwhile, our Aruba Data Centre Switches offer robust, scalable solutions, designed for high-speed data handling. Partner with us for cutting-edge technology that promises reliability, security, and unrivalled network efficiency. Elevate your infrastructure today!

Aruba Wireless Access Points, Gateways and Remote Access Points

Elevate your connectivity with Aruba's Indoor and Outdoor Access Points, and Remote AP solutions, offered by IP Trading. Experience unmatched wireless coverage, indoors or out, ensuring stable, high-speed connections. Aruba's Remote APs guarantee seamless, secure remote networking. Ideal for businesses prioritizing consistent, reliable access, Aruba's technology is the go-to for superior network performance. Dive into top-tier solutions with IP Trading, your trusted Aruba partner.

More data than ever is generated at the Edge. While this creates new
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