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    Cisco 4-port VIC-FXS/DID

    Use the VIC-4FXS/DID card to connect directly to phones, fax machines, and key systems. The high-density Cisco 4-Port FXS/DID VIC can support up to four foreign-exchange-station (FXS) ports for directly connecting phones or fax machines, or it can be used to connect up to four direct-inward-dial (DID) analog trunks, providing customers the flexibility they need for their unique business environment (refer to Figure 1). Each port on the Cisco 4-Port FXS/DID VIC is selectable for use in either FXS or DID mode. Because the Cisco 4-Port FXS/DID VIC is the same size as the existing 2-port voice/WAN interface cards (VWICs), it can slide into either one of the two VWIC slots located on the MRP card. Thus, when installing two Cisco VIC-FXS/DID cards within a single MRP, any combination of up to eight FXS or DID ports can be supported. Compatible with the following models: 1751-V, 1760-V, 2600XM Series, 2691.

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    Cisco 4-port VIC-FXS/DID