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    Cisco Compatible Aironet 2.4GHz Hemispherical Patch Antenna

    Cisco Systems, with proven reliability and robust product design, provides a dependable, high-performance solution for IS professionals. Remote bridges connect hard-to-wire sites, noncontiguous floors, satellite offices, school or corporate campus settings, temporary networks, and warehouses. Aironet wireless bridges also allow multiple sites to share a single, high-speed connection to the Internet. Aironet wireless bridges are flexible, supporting high data rates over medium and short ranges or lower data rates for long-range support. Cisco offers a kit consisting of 79-port PSC to MDF re-pin cables, two-cable set, 2:2 champ. Designed For: Aironet 340.

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    Cisco Compatible Aironet 2.4GHz Hemispherical Patch Antenna
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