One (1) Year Back to Base Warranty on New and Used Equipment and Accessories.*

    Back to Base Warranty requires the faulty item to be returned to IP Trading for repair or replacement.

    The Claim Process is Quick and Easy!

    1. Contact our sales team.

    2. Indicate the name of your business and the nature of the problem you are having.

    3. An RMA form will be e-mailed to you immediately.

    4. Complete and return the RMA form to the e-mail address provided.

    5. Once the RMA Form is returned to us, we will confirm that the unit is within the warranty period and that it was purchased from IP Trading.

    6. We will issue you with a Return Authorization instruction and indicate how to return the item.

    7. The item will be either repaired or replaced and returned to you.

    We take warranty claims seriously and act to resolve issues quickly.

    *Conditions of Sale apply