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    You can lease almost anything we sell and profit from our flexible, tailored plans on equipment values from two thousand to two hundred thousand dollars - and beyond.

    Why rent and finance?

    Why 'make do' with equipment that 'won't do'? Whether you are a sole trader, a PLC or a government dept., cash flow is the life blood of business. Our flexible leasing solutions can give you the tools your business needs to stay competitive - rather than what cash flow may dictate or capital budgets restrict.

    Buying new technology can take a huge bite out of your working capital and loans tie up existing credit lines which could be left free for operational needs or business expansion. Rent and Finance gives you the latest technology at a price you can afford, along with attractive tax benefits.

    Benefit from today's technology:

    It is a widely used facility which enables you the technology you need today at an affordable fixed monthly cost. What could be better for your business and your cash flow?

    What can I lease?

    You can lease an entire system including accessories, software and even support. You will also find it easier to upgrade your system - ensuring your business benefits from the latest technology.

    • Hardware Components
    • Netware
    • Switches and Routers
    • Cabling