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    Real-Time Supply Chain:

    Our solutions have been developed to be flexible and responsive to changing operational needs. SAP solutions provides us with the visibility to provide valuable real-time supply chain information to you.

    Integrated Business Planning:

    If you hold stock of network hardware, why not call us to discuss a solution to improve your return on investment?

    Our systems have been designed to predict your requirements and to manage supply chain risks. We can effectively provide the tools and resources that will enable you to optimize your investment in inventory and to improve efficiency.

    Next-generation supply chain management:

    Overcoming challenges such as volatile customer demand and increasingly complex supply networks seemed like a dream. In 2008 we implemented SAP in our business to handle every aspect of operations and administration. Our processes, software and technology enables us to manage all the network information in real time. This allows us to quickly access and analyse critical information and meet the high expectations with agile responses, and facilitate collaboration between our departments and you.